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The Zia Mia Italian American Michigan-Born Book Author

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Teacher, author, storyteller, and vlogger “TheZiaMia”
The Zia Mia Italian American Michigan-Born Book Author


Verrazzano’s Voyages
His Story in a Story

Legacy of an Immigrant
Four Generations of Flying

Gelsomina’s Story of Caesar Lucchesi
A True Tale of Italian Immigrants

Alone to America
The Zia Mia Italian American Michigan-Born Book Author


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Intriguing stories, history lessons, trivia, and a touch of humor


Wish you had this view?

“After hours typing with my mother’s old Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter, I glance out of my window to enjoy the beauty of the dawn’s early light over the hilltop vineyards. Good morning, my name is Maria Vezzetti Matson. I like to call myself a creative historical storywriter.”

The sentence above is an example of my writing:

Fiction: I don’t own an Olivetti Lettera 22 typewriter. Also fiction: I snapped the shot in the afternoon. 

Fact: I do enjoy the view from my writing space daily.

TheZiaMia on YouTube

Watch my videos for intriguing stories, history lessons, and a touch of humor.

Teacher ZiaMia in the 90s

Mrs. Matson listens carefully to one of her young students while teaching about the story of Thanksgiving to her kindergarten class circa 1992.

Storyteller, Author AND Teacher

“Family storytelling is in the blood, and the tales I’ve heard are worth keeping. Someone told me, ‘You must write those stories down.’ Along with the help of Lou Ellyn Helman, we created the book Gelsomina’s Story (2011). My background in writing was limited, but I did want to preserve family history. I would also encourage you to write down yours. Better yet, get the kids to do it with you. Share those memories on paper.

I do love to create movies, and TheZiaMia clips are entertaining and educational. Zia is the Italian word for Auntie, and I like to think that everyone is part of the family. 

There are three perfect pets in my home. I have two dogs and a kitten. NoName, the biggest dog, is an excellent company once I taught him to sit and stay. Now he is perfect. Spot loves to go for walks with me and always stays nearby. He’s super with young children and loves to go. He is perfect, also. Yooper will always be my sweet little fluffy kitten. Students at the South Range Elementary School had a contest to name her. She is purr-fect.”

Kids often have questions for TheZiaMia (and sometimes adults do, too.) Check out our Kids Q & A to learn all kinds of fun facts about her!

Italian Immigrant Granddaughter and Author

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…On Her Quest to Publish More Books

Writing takes a lot of grit, or as my Finnish husband says, “sisu.” It’s a learning curve that can be fun, intrinsically rewarding, and powerful.

At this stage of my writing “career,” I’d love to share my experiences with you. Teachers, I’d be delighted to be a virtual author in your classroom. Learn more about my latest work and publishing updates. How can I help you?

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